Livi™ a Smart Medication Dispensing Solution
Exclusive from telesense canada
empower individuals to live more independently
than ever before, while providing next generation
tools to enable caregivers to provide better care
• Automatically dispenses a 90-day supply of up to 15 different pills
• Dispenses up to 24 times a day, accommodating both scheduled and as-needed medications
• Dispenses pills for portable travel packs for up to 14 days for extra independence
• Sends text message or email alerts to caregivers when a dose is late or missed
• Change or stop medication in real time from any web-based device
• Provides medication adherence reports and analytics to help improve care
• Livi™ is equipped with a wireless LTE Connection and monitored by our specialist team
• Easy On-site onboarding, and training by a Registered Nurse
• 6-8 hours of battery backup in event of power loss. Additional power backup can be added
• Video Verification is available for an additional monthly fee
• On-demand Registered Nurse visit for medication management and refill is available
• Solution works with your existing Pharmacy
Encourages patients to be more active with their own health care,

and seamlessly integrates into their daily lives
Order Hardware Financing Available up to 72 Months
*On Approved Credit

Virtual Exam Room at Home

Vital Data Monitoring And Trending

Active Alert System

Secure Video And Telemetry

True Telemedicine Platform

Connected To Your Local Pharmacy

Bridging the Gaps in Time, Distance,

and Communication to Deliver a

Telemedicine Personal Clinic at Home
Encourages patients to be more active with their own health care,

and seamlessly integrates into their daily lives
Hardware Financing Available up to 72 Months
*On Approved Credit
State of the Art Digital Health Technology that enables remote patient

care anywhere. Go beyond a video call and experience a true

Telecare Examination
Real time Telecare Exclusive from

TeleSense Canada
Engage with patients in real time telemetry

to create a seamless clinical experience from anywhere
Experience the flexibility and power

of the Mobile Telehealth Hub
Healthcare professionals can now provide patients

with a comprehensive screening to check

for vital signs or serious illness
Care everywhere for your patients.

A True Digital Health Experience
Innovative telehealth platform virtually connects physicians to their patients

for screening and consultation same as a traditional office or hospital exam
your clinic is literally steps away from your office

experience a new type of medical care
Increased Preventive Care

Talent Acquisition & Retention

Accessibility of Providers

Full Suite of Medical Services
Fully integrated telemedicine solution extends

the reach of the clinical team by providing

comprehensive vital signs, cardiopulmonary data,

and medical images for immediate diagnostic

assessment of a remote patient
Versatile, compact, and fully integrated telemedicine system for in-clinic patient

examination. Designed for mobility and ease of use at the point of care
Secure Clinical Communication and Collaboration Invest in a secure communication solution that provides

paging capabilities with the scalability to meet future demands
Secure solution that connects healthcare teams across multiple devices and platforms.

Strong military grade security, privacy and cryptography
Encrypted Messaging Platform

Secure Communications
Compliant Secure Teamwork

Military-grade encrypted real time one-to-one,

group and video calls, SMS, and team

instant messaging.
A secure collaboration platform is the all-important foundation for digital transformation

Everything secure, for everyone, everywhere

TeleSense Canada is your Canadian Telemedicine provider enabling a true digital health platform that delivers next generation point of care.  The Benefits of real time telemetry enables medical organizations, and medical professionals to take advantage of a complete vital assessment remotely with access to our medical network in real time.

At TeleSense Canada we power next generation telehealth networks with our digital health platform. We deliver an elevated patient care and medical support to Long term care facilities, Retirement Residence, Seniors at Home, and Special Needs.