We provide technology solutions to elevate patient care and secure workforce communications

TeleSense Canada is a leading Solution provider helping healthcare organizations, medical professionals, utilities and energy sector benefits from next generation technology.

We are committed to enabling high-quality technology and healthcare services by creating a digital health platform that can evolve and scale to address the ongoing needs and demands. Our systems will enable pharmacies, businesses, medical professionals and healthcare organizations take advantage of a state of the art telemedicine/telehealth technology.

We have partnered with the best cryptography technology organization in the industry to deploy a Canadian based Secure Communication and Collaboration platform, that is focused on Canadian organizations. As Secure Communications is simply a fundamental in today’s environment, we help ensure your organization is protected and your team collaboration is secured.

This Digital Device Can Finally Help Decrease Hospital Wait Times

This Digital Device Can Finally Help Decrease Hospital Wait Times Source: https://www.narcity.com/feature/ca/telesense-canada-digital-device-is-helping-decrease-hospital-wait-times It can also revolutionize clinics by offering advanced healthcare services remotely. There’s no question that technology is making our lives increasingly more efficient and convenient, giving us access to information in the blink of an eye. Not only are we able to know […]

Investing in employee health is good for business

Employees are a company’s backbone, so investing in employee health and wellness is like buying insurance. It’s just smart business. Mon., Dec. 9, 2019 Source: thestar.com Link: https://www.thestar.com/sponsored_sections/total-rewards/2019/12/09/investing-in-employee-health-is-good-for-business.html Organizations that prioritize employee health and wellness improve employee engagement, optimize organizational productivity, and are better able to attract and retain talent.  A recent Deloitte study on […]

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Telemedicine: An Effective Alternative to Traditional Care

Telemedicine is an effective and cost-saving alternative to traditional medical care. With telecare, doctors and other medical specialists deliver care to patients virtually through video conferencing or a web-based video app. Telemedicine allows doctors to reach patients anywhere. It is especially valuable to patients in rural, underserved and remote areas who might not otherwise have […]

Why Telecare Is The Next Revolution In Healthcare Delivery

The landscape of healthcare is changing for the better. Telecare makes getting medical care easier, cheaper and quicker. Learn more about the next chapter in medical care today. Over the last 100 years, healthcare has changed dramatically thanks to a variety of discoveries. In the 1920s, the first antibiotic, penicillin, was developed quite by accident […]

Seniors – A Guide To Technologies And Services That Can Help You Remain At Home Longer

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We are constantly promoting TeleSense Canada Telemedicine Service at Hospitals across the country, we believe the Hospital board approvals for TeleSense to promote its Telecare services confirms our credibility in the market place as a leader in Telehealth.

Switzerland-based Adeya’s advanced secure communications and collaboration platform enables a multitude of features that extend from secure messaging, voice and video calling, to secure file container and file sharing. With such an advanced security platform becoming available to Canadian organizations, it will drive a new transformation towards a more secure and privacy-focused environment while enabling efficient team collaboration.
TeleSense Canada leverage best of breed technology partners to ensure our platform performance, and reliability exceed our clients expectations. Oracle is our partner of choice to delivery amazing telemedicine experience.
Visionflex and TeleSense Canada has established an exclusive partnership to deliver next generation teleheath hardware with real time telemetry to physicians remotely.