Improve care delivery with a digital health solution that scales.

TeleSense Canada digital health platform spans the continuum to drive a new generation of healthcare technologies. Our technology is configured to meet the needs of your organization and achieve your business goals. We strive to make the patient experience more delightful while enabling an effortless experience for  the medical professional.

Telecare Hub

Finally, a true digital health hub that is fully capable of conducting remote telecare with a remote physician anywhere an internet connection is available. With a variety of Health Canada certified devices this is the most complete platform in healthcare today.

Mobile Care

Experience the flexibility and power of the  Mobile Telehealth Hub. This high-spec state-of-the-art tablet features dual hot-swappable battery design, super bright touch screen display, waterproof housing, ruggedised and shock proof design and a user friendly form factor. The tablet can be taken anywhere and comes with the powerful & easy to use   management software. Table top and vehicle docking stations keep the unit charged when not in use and the light weight tablet is ready when you need it.

Mobile Clinic

Mobile Clinic provides immediate access to clinical care through a virtual exam, where clinicians remotely connect to specialists using videoconferencing and simultaneous viewing of vital signs, cardiopulmonary data and medical images for immediate assessment and clinical decisions.

Patient information transfers directly to an EMR system. If there is a lack of network connectivity, the information will store and automatically forward when network connectivity becomes available.

It is designed to operate out of a ruggedized rolling case that is lightweight and compact enough to fit in an airplane overhead storage compartment. This portable patient examination and diagnostic clinic brings complete healthcare services to the field with the same accuracy as an in-hospital exam. The MobileClinic features a full range of assessment tools and diagnostic capabilities.

  • Spirometer
  • Respiratory Rate
  • Glucometer
  • Audiogram Hearing Test
  • Medical Cameras
  • Video Laryngoscope
  • Diagnostic Tools
  • SPO2 Pulse-Oximeter
  • Weight / Height and BMI
  • Thermometer
  • Non-Invasive Blood Pressure
  • ECG (3 lead or 12 lead)
  • Electronic Stethoscope