Secure Communications

To secure data, the collaboration platform solutions must be built to prevent data loss and mitigate the leakage of sensitive and personal information. Our secure collaboration solution balances the usability requirements of modern digitized enterprises with increasing security needs. TeleSense Canada Secure Communication and Collaboration platform powered by state of the art multi-layer, end to end encryption technology provides your organization with  encrypted System 2 System Interface, SMS texts, secure messaging, voice call, video conferencing, secure data container, and secure file sharing all from a single military grade Platform.

TeleSense Canada is focused on delivering the ultimate secure communication platform to ensure Canadian organizations have access to the most advanced military grade encryption for their System 2 System Communications, secure messaging, and collaborations. 

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Secure Communications Staying Private

Military-grade encrypted real time one-to-one, group and video calls, SMS, and team instant messaging:

Private Contacts
Keeps your contact list private and independent from the device’s directory and synced centrally.

Voice And Video Calls
Individual and conference calls encrypted with excellent voice quality. PBX integration supported.

Secure Messaging
Encrypted SMS and instant messaging. Secure broadcast and group chat.

Live Location Sharing
Confidential real-time location sharing limited on time with individual or group chat.

Compliant Secure Teamwork
Multi-Platform Solution

Compliant Secure Collaboration

Organization productivity with multi-screen video conferencing, workflows assignment with remote staff and partners

Multi User Conference
Trigger online meetings over video, multisite training or remote technical support.

Screen Sharing
Collaborate sharing screens securely, presenting documents without eyedrop or print screen.

Workflows Display
Acknowledge tasks, trigger seamless workflows, speed up processes and agility to your organization.

Multi Screen Application
Responsive application design that will adapt to each screen type assures the best user experience.

Multi-Layer End to End Encryption
White Label Ready

Secure Container Protecting Your Documents

Safeguard and share sensitive documents, from a dedicated encrypted container accessible from any device and synched

Secure File Management
All your files, images, videos and any data are stored securely on your secure container.

Secure File Sharing
Efficient file sharing that exchanges, stores, and manages your corporate files.

Secure File Hosting
Benefits, from military grade end-to-end encryptions isolated from your devices.

Data Audits Log Reporting 
Auditable and compliant communications designed to provide organisation with full visibility of messages and logs through sophisticated reporting capabilities.

System 2 System Encryption
High Performance Crypto Transport

System 2 System Encryption

Provide secure end to end multi-layer encryption ciphers and secure transport to deliver the ultimate cryptographic security.

Interface Engine Solution
Integration Engine supports ALL current Healthcare standards. It also provides the flexibility to handle any future standards with native support for XML and an extensible architecture.

Integration Engine Support
Powerful Integration Engine to successfully and quickly connect to external providers and health information exchange organizations.

Supported Protocols
HL7 (v2, CDA, FHIR, CCD), CCR, NCPD, X12, XML, JSON, TCP/IP, Secure FTP, ODBC DB, Webservice SOAP and REST.

Flexible Deployment Options
Fully Managed Solution

Canadian Cloud

  • Meeting local regulations
  • Specific data privacy compliance
  • Scalable architecture
  • Fast deployment

On Premise Deployment

  • Controlled internalized deployment
  • Salable architecture and customization
  • Resilience through multiple redundant sites
  • Allowing cryptographic customization